WRMT reorganises management team in preparation for up list to a major US exchange

May 12, 2017

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As far back as Dec-2016, Fabio Galdi confirmed the company’s ambition to up list to a major US exchange in 2018. Now WRMT is taking the necessary steps to ensure that this ambition will become a reality.

WRMT’s Life Sensing Technology and the Helo project continues to grow from strength to strength. To continue to create shareholder value, WRMT focus is on developing its technology, consolidating its existing partnerships, building new relationships to drive innovation and maintain its leadership in Life Sensing Technology and embedding it in smart bands and later, in other wearables.

A crucial part of WRMT’s success and underlying value is the deployment of its Life Sensing Technology in smart bands and for these smart bands to be sold and worn worldwide.  WRMT’s distribution partner WorldGN has and continues to be successful in achieving rapid US and international sales and establishing committed Helo wearers worldwide.

As CEO of WRMT, Fabio Galdi has led the development of Life Sensing Technology  and its integration in to Helo smartbands. Now that this position has been consolidated, WRMT’s next challenge are

(i) to increase Life Sensing Technology deployment worldwide by driving Helo sales and to ensure that these smart bands are worn by committed Helo wearers, and

(ii) to implement WRMT’s up list to a major US exchange to generate liquidity in WRMT’s stock and to extract shareholder value from this growth.

To achieve these goals and create significant value for WRMT, Fabio Galdi as agreed to dedicate himself to driving Helo sales as CEO and Chairman of WorldGN.  Sean McVeigh, will take over as WRMT’s CEO to deliver on WRMT’s objectives.  For further details, please click here.